Power Hillers


– Category 3 hitch
– Quick hitch compatible
– 1000 RPM gearbox
– Heavy duty gearbox with double drive on 6 and 8 row units.
– Shear bolt protected PTO drives
– Depth and guide wheels standard on all models
– Spray-in liner (underside)
– Adjustable stainless steel hill shapers
– Plant opening with adjustable scrapers for covering depth control
– Clamped tines for variable row spacing
– Sealed greaseable bearings
– Safety light kit

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Custom paint colors available for all products.

Bau-Man Power Hiller

Power Hiller Series380438063808
Size4 row6 row8 row
DriveGearbox - 1000 RPM, Shear bolt protectedGearbox - 1000 RPM, Shear bolt protectedGearbox - 1000 RPM, Shear bolt protected
Depth/Guide Wheels2 adjustable4 adjustable4 adjustable
Hill ShapersStainless steel - adj.Stainless steel - adj.Stainless steel - adj.
TinesHard Surfaced - clampedHard Surfaced - clampedHard Surfaced - clamped
Variable SpacingStandardStandardStandard
Full Tillage KitOptionalOptionalOptional
Safety Light KitStandardStandardStandard
Weight (lbs)430065007000