Finishing Mowers


7 Ga (3/16″) body with an additional 5/8″ reinforcing perimeter.

Fully floating Category 1 hitch to ensure even cut.

Single bolt slide adjustment for easy belt tensioning.

1-½” – 4-½” cutting height, adjustable in ½” increments.

High speed, stress relieved, alloy hardened blades. (Tungsten hard surfacing on 7ft, optional on 5ft & 6ft)

High speed blade tip. (see literature)

2-5/8″ blade overlap to prevent striping.

Large sealed blade spindles for reduced maintenance.

Pneumatic tires with puncture proof sealant.

Oil soaked wheel bushings to reduce wear and maintenance

Large front anti-scalping roller

For complete specifications and information see our

product literature
Custom colours available for early order.