Heavy Duty Everest Snow Blowers


All blowers feature 3 position adjustable hitch for ease of attachment
Replaceable cutting edge is standard on 9ft & 10ft models
The integrated hydraulic spout rotator is standard on 9ft & 10ft models.
6 position adjustable skid shoes allow for precise height setting of the cutting edge. Parking jack is standard on all models
Hydraulic spout deflector kit is a standard option
Tough pillow block bearings are used for increased strength and added longevity.
Whether your snow is light and fluffy, or dense and compacted, the 5 blade fan is the perfect medium to get the job done.
Shield protection for auger drive system.

PTO and intake augers feature shear bolt protection in the event of contact with an unexpected foreign object, or overload.

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Cutting Width109"121"
Cutting Height 45"45"
Replaceable Cutting EdgeYes - StandardYes - Standard
Fan5 Blade5 Blade
Fan Diameter38"38"
Fan Depth12"12"
Auger DiameterLower 23" Serrated, 14" UpperLower 23" Serrated, 14" Upper
Auger Driver#80H chain# 80H chain
Body7 GA7 GA
Side Plates3/8" reinforced3/8" reinforced
Hydraulic Spout RotatorStandardStandard
Hydraulic Spout DeflectorStandardStandard
Adj. Skid ShoesStandardStandard
Hitch CategoryCat. 2 & 3Cat. 2 & 3
Hitch Adjustment3 Position3 Positions
HP Recommended140-220160-240