Attention to Detail Completes Every Assembly

Fully Equipped CNC Machine Shop

MIG TIG & Stick Welding


General Metal is fully equipped to handle your agricultural, Industrial or other repairs. A few examples of the types of repairs that they perform include:

  • Hydraulic cylinder repair
  • Gearbox rebuilding
  • Boat prop rebuilding/welding
  • Wheel and rim repair
  • Axle repair
  • Combine concave repair
  • Combine auger tube repair
  • Straightening (Augers/Drills etc.)
  • PTO shaft Repair
  • Tank Repair
  • Auger/flighting repair
  • Bearing resurface repair
  • Cast welding and porosity repair
  • Radiator and condenser leak weld repair
  • Bushing repair
  • Spline shaft repair
  • Key way repair/cutting repair
  • Repair/Rebuild Planetary Parts
  • Spray welding repair
  • Hard surface re-surfacing repair.

General Metal has a repair/welding vehicle and is setup to come to your site to provide Welding and repair services.

Call General Metal today, to inquire if they can help with your repair job.


General Metals CWB certified welding shop is capable of handling any of your welding requirements whether it’s MIG (MCAW), TIG (GTAW) or Stick welding (SMAW), they can do it all. Their specialized welding team is able to come to your site with their on-site welding truck to help with your welding job.


General Metals machine shop is fully equipped with CNC machining and manual machining centers. Whether you need to have parts manufactured or repaired they can handle it by utilizing any of the following equipment.

  • Three Manual Lathes
    • Max capacity 21″ Diameter x 120″ Long with 3.5″ Diameter Spindle Bore
  • Two CNC Lathes
    • Max capacity, 18″ Diameter x 36″ Long with 3″ Diameter Spindle Bore
  • One CNC Lathe with live tooling
    • Max capacity 16.53″ Diameter, Max Turning Length 29.9″, Max Draw Tube ID 4.055″, X Travel 11.53″, Z Travel 32.7″, Y Travel 5.12″, with C Axis
  • One Manual Vertical Boring Mill
    • Max capacity 32″ X Travel, 14″ Y Travel, 14″ Z Travel
  • Two CNC Vertical Boring Mills
    • Max capacity 50″ X Travel, 24″ Y Travel, 30″ Z Travel
  • One Manual Horizontal Boring Mill:
    • 64″ X Travel, 44″ Y Travel, 4,000lb table capacity
  • One CNC Horizontal Boring Mill:
    • 86″ X Travel, 64″ Y Travel, 11,000lb table capacity
  • Horizontal Shaper with 24″ Stroke
  • Surface Grinder
  • Heat Treat Oven for hardening services
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester


General Metals three CNC hydraulic press brakes with capacity up to 385 Tons and 14′ long can help with any of your sheet-metal bending requirements.

Tube Bending

General Metal offers Tube bending services up to a diameter of 1.9″.


General Metal offers CNC Shear cutting services with a 3/8″ x 12′ capacity


General Metal manufactures and assembles a large variety of product for their customer base, including product for the following industries: agricultural, industrial, commercial and medical fields.

Raw Materials

General Metal offers a large selection of raw steel, aluminum and stainless steel materials used for their production or for retail sale.

Reverse Engineering

General Metal is able to take your product, whether it is new or old, reverse engineer it, then re-create or rebuild it.

Product Design

Have an Idea? Don’t know who you can go to for product development? General Metal is able to work with you, through product design and manufacturing.